We recommend that you get a Homestar rating for your home. It will provide assurance that your home is meeting a standard much higher than the requirements. It will no doubt be something that future buyers will be looking for in the years to come.

Do you want to talk more about building an energy efficient home?


 Harper Architecture is passionate about playing their part in making your home as energy efficient and eco friendly as it can.


We like to specify what we can within your budget to make sure you and your family can live in a warm and healthy home.


Some of the things we look at doing are:

-Much higher insulation than what the NZ Building Code requires. This includes additional insulation in the ceiling cavity, thicker walls/SIP/continuous iinsulation to your walls and adding insulation to the slab edge of your foundation and where budget allows to underneath the entire floor slab.


- Creating an air tight barrier inside your walls to minimise air leakage.


- Mechanical ventilation to your bedrooms and living area to provide fresh air without relying on opening windows. (Think about how much time you spend indoors!)


- Detailing your window joinery so that it lines up with your external wall frame to provide a conintuous thermal envelope.


- Your external windows and doors lose a lot of heat so we think that it's money well spent on getting thermally broken, Low E glazing.